Here is Everything You Need to Know About Web Social Media Integration ( Benefits, Mistakes to Avoid)

Over the past few years, the use of social media has been on the high rise. Nowadays, hardly would you across anyone who isn’t on any social media platform; be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter. Even the older generations are not left out of social media trends. 

Also, the massive increase of social media marketing has complemented the meteoric rise in the use of social media; many company or websites owner are beginning to adopt the strategy of integrating social media on their websites to attract more customers or traffic to their websites. This process is usually known as website social media integration. 

What is website social media integration? 

Website social media integration is the process of extending your marketing or boosting your outreach by redirecting your social media followers to your website and making your social media platform reachable to your target audience and customers through your website. In simpler term, it means adding social media channels on your website for various benefits. 

Social media integration when well maximized has various great deal of benefits. In this article, we will be writing on just 5 benefits. 

Social media integration makes your website more engaging and interactive

Integrating social media into your website provides you the opportunity of making your website more interactive and interesting. With the presence of social media buttons on your website, visitors can easily click on any to find out more about your brand or to make enquiries. It will provide the opportunity of posting reviews or comments after sales or patronage.  

It boost more traffic and conversion to sales

 Let’s say you posted a compelling article or listed a product on your website, then your website visitors share the content or products on your social media profiles, you just increase your chances of boosting more traffic to your website or converting the product on your site into sales.  Sounds great, right? Social media integration provides you that benefit. 

It enables visitors to easily sign up with their social accounts. 

Adding social logins to your websites provides visitors or potential customers an easier option of signing up with their social media accounts. Majority of web users don’t like the hassle of   having to sigh-up again because they forgot their registration passwords. This is not usually the case with social logins as it is easier to remember passwords.    

It provides social media following

Social media integration allows the avenue for visitors to follow you on your social media platforms. Web visitors following will not only increase your social media followership or fan base but also provide more visits to your website in the future. Another benefit of social media following is that it keeps potential customers close by. If they are not purchasing from you now, there are chances they may in the nearest future. 

It builds credibility and social proof

These days, there are many things that can distract prospective customers from patronage if you are operating a product or service-based website. The absence of no social media platforms on your website where potential customers can read reviews or comments can easily put a prospective customer. Adding social media plugins can go a long way in garnering trusts and confidence from prospective customers, and the effect of that? More sales and patronage!  

It provides more insight about your audience 

Integrating social media with your websites provides you a clear understanding of the kind of audience your social platform and website is attracting. With the traffic analytic features present on both your website and social platforms (e.g. Facebook Pixel), you can understand the specific interests of those visiting both your social media page and website.  Knowing about your audience interests can provide you a solid marketing strategy.   



In our last article, we discuss the benefits of website social media integration. In the article, we will be talking about common mistakes to avoid when performing social media integration. 

 Though it is true that website social media integration has helped a lot of businesses and websites to thrive, it is also true that most web owners are not tapping the full benefits of web social media integration as a result of mistakes. 

Here are some of these mistakes: 

Placing social media icons on the website header 

No matter what, never make the mistake of placing social media icons on the top of your web page, it doesn’t look proper. And it may alter the look of your website. The best way to go about fixing social media buttons on your website to add them below, preferably where “about us” or contact us” is found on the website. 

Linking your website with dead or inactive social media page

Maybe your Facebook page used to be very active but got banned or maybe it didn’t get banned but last time you posted anytime on it was 3 years ago,  whatever, don’t link it to your website .  Doing so sends a wrong message to your web visitors or prospective customers in a way that affects your credibility. Avoid using social media platforms with low engagements.  

Using plugins that have heavy JavaScript files 

Using plugins with heavy JavaScript prolongs the loading time of a page. If this occurs, web users may be compelled to leave your web page. 



Note: If you are setting up an e-commerce website or service-based website, it is advisable to do a research about the social media platform that is best for your brand. You can do this by studying similar brand websites and the platforms they are using to leverage.  


To know more about the best tools you can use to integrate social media with your website for maximum benefits, or if you need help running it, Kindly reach out to us at Three Merge.

Your utmost satisfaction is assured. 








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