Welcome to ThreeMerge.com

In Three Merge Dotcom Ltd, Our Mission is to support businesses with a focus on supplying adequate ICT demands of individuals, organizations and governments.Our services are offered with clear-cut technical advantage. As a body which believe in best use, we encourage that every customer/client's job is handled by the best hands in order to give optimal satisfaction.

3mergeicon Our Web Technology Department offers

  • Website Design and Management
  • Database Development and Management
  • Online Application Development
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Advanced ICT Training

3mergeicon Our Payment Management and Fraud Control Department offers

  • Fraud Control and Sales Management
  • Online/Offline Payment Solutions
  • Payment Security
  • POS
  • CCTV Installation/Management
  • Access Control/Ticketing
  • Clock in/Clock out solutions

3mergeicon Our Data Management Department offers

  • Database Development and Management
  • Data Analysis and Database Software Development
  • School/Training Management Module
  • Online/Offline Data Centre Management
  • Database Security

3mergeicon Our Training Department offers

  • Word Appreciation Training
  • Graphics Design Training
  • Spreadsheet Training
  • Data Analysis Training
  • Printing Technology
  • Industrial Training for Students in Higher Institution/Technical Colleges
  • Business Management Ethics

3mergeicon Our Education Consultancy Department offers

  • Online Registration for JAMB, WAEC, NECO, IJMB, A-LEVEL etc examinations
  • Advisory roles to students who aim at studying in higher institutions
  • CBT Training for CBT exams
  • Checking of Results
  • Cyber Cafe Services
  • Biometric Data Capturing
  • Provision of adequate information for examinations registered

3mergeicon Our Multimedia Studio offers

  • Graphic Designs for web, social media, campaigns, albums etc
  • Audio/Visual Production
  • Bill boards, posters, banners printing and installation
  • Printing and Security Printing (for receipts, tickets, pass, identity cards, access cards etc.)